Pound Churches, Bombs, Guns and Gold All into Repentant Alters, Evacuate US!

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

     -God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day Two Hundred and thirty-five 04/21/2017 of the "week," prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also, www.2016theauthenticparable.blogspot.com

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

-Like Watching Noah's Ark, "Mark 17 and 7," like the days of Noah, Jesus, Mat. 24, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, my prayer closet 1993, my people perish, GOH, Apb

-As it is written in the law of Moses, all this evil is come upon us: yet made we not our prayer before the LORD our God, that we might turn from our iniquities, and understand thy truth. Dan. 9:13

How Long O Lord Will Thou Look on? Come Avenged Righteous Blood! Take Up Shield and Buckler And Stand Up For Our Help!

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     -And I Heard In My Hearing, get ye to repentant alters, God is now, avenging martyred Blood (how lon O lord, Take up shield and bucklers), Apb
     -And I Heard IN My Hearing, kill all parents by, finish all schools, (make not mistake, god is commanding master disasters to target America, to the West, into the world. Over, beware!), Apb
     -And I Heard In My Hearing, “The dying of schools is painful, go over to the middle school and cast a stone,” (see transgender restroom brawls, repent!),

-Article… UK national union of teachers says LGBTO lifestyle be promoted to children starting at Age 2 article… now you can see why Holy Spirits deem this wicked movement as the genocide of the genesis man, marriage, why there's a command to finish all schools, come out, come out come out! www.yourchurchcondemnhell15.blogspot.com

Pound Thyself into the Dust, Bombs, Guns, Gold All into Repentant Alters, Alnd Evacuate US!

     -Thank the hallelujah Lord, for two days I been wondering why aren't Americans with insurmountable troubles dawning, why aren't they calling on evacuation plans the entire country? I explain, even forewarn how holy spirits have both pictured Americans as a slow motion exodus and even worse, as this gigantic maze of a fall out shelter and restrooms as traps for our children. This is where I witnessed how millions stranded were lined up patiently ( procrastination), behind a single water cooler, this cursed with normalcy bias, not a compliment, evident everywhere. While Korea, China and Russia have all demonstrated the drills of moving millions of their citizens out of harms way; further explaining why Russia's Putin deemed Americans delusional, a prophesied upon them, upon unbelievers by God, curse
-if Americans, the West don't fit the description of Jesus, now is come His Millennium, designing the end of the age of rebellious man as in the days of Noah. In the mean time, understand Apostle, the extinction level event designed and thus pending US soil by October 2017, and the Bride was snatched out. It is going to happen whether there's nuclear war or not, America's violent end, this judgment of seeming their unconquerable sin, that it will not relent. Just this brazen refusal proven here lately, an abomination of desolation itself, undoubtedly when UK School teachers union, woe to it's announcer. That's in connection to what could be another vote further legalizing, even one could say glamourizing atrocities as same-sex marriage, what to God are sexual abnormalities desecrating HIS HOLY TEMPLE, from a rejection of Christ's Cross right into the Genesis declaration of the woman seed..
    -This son of Satan, just as well announced to the world, again what unmistakeably are detestation’s, to God, their lives lands and churches all with ravenous beast tearing through them. How the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer, and P for pedophile, just fornication’s period, it's various perverted lifestyles should be influenced upon your children as young as the age of two. Like the days of Noah, an outlandish outbreak of sexual perversion then threatening the genome that would produce the woman seed Jesus, now menacing the very continuation of the Genesis human being into both Jesus' Millennium and God's pursuing Kingdom Reign. I guess it's plain to see, America being in comparison to Noah's earth, not really accepting their doom fate, this happily, pleasured and deceived by the American Dream until a gigantic annihilating unwavering event,
     -A beyond monstrous, just this catastrophe upon America into the world over, see that thou hurt not the oil and wine, I witnessed released out of the earth and been forewarning readers. That's of this single death bringer, these 31 springs, just come one day and wipe them, their refusal to relent all away. Surely, truly pride doeth go before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall, for when they shall say peace and safety, (Make America Great), God will laugh, for come per their perversions is sudden destruction and believe Apostle the emphasis here in on 'sudden destruction.' 
     -I heard in my hearing just a month or so, past, and I repeat, “an aquatic age,” the rainbow covenant more so broken, but sandblasted into oblivion. Said covenant, a promise of God that protects the world from being wiped out by a single apocalyptic flood, though said promise said nothing about the coast to coast transgressions they commit all around this world, I testified of seeing just this giant wall of water, the strange thing about it, it was like set on pause, beyond question awaiting,as all bible prophecy into October 2017, a fullness of time. Heretofore for orders that only Elohim will give with timely precision this is the picture of the angel in the heaven, pitcher in hand, pouring water upon the planet.
     -Just this surreal indication Damater, as in the earth, wind, fire and water, are all being readied, even into these 99 bowls of molten lava, to in ways most monstrous decimate all rebellion from this earth, explaining Jesus simply lamenting, repent or perish. Unquestionably, Its the end of America, only those born again are not to fret, the lord Holy and true know the way of the righteous, the second death hath no power, but the way of the wicked (unrepentant), shall perish. As I said, this is the end from the West into the Antichrist reign, we knew this was coming 2000 years now, of which we were assured by the Angel Gabriel 2004, of being it's specific generation of fulfillment.
- As I testified earlier, the first death rider I saw, 1996, was released like a pending extinction level event, Oct. 2017, from beneath the earth, Damater as ordered open, the death bringer like a Yellowstone super volcano eruption, springed up. Said threat to tens of  millions lives, US soil, was further justified as one come upon mankind's abominable to detestable lives, lands and churches for they'd forsaken God. A backward running clock bearing a sixtieth year was ticking under him, the scripture Psalm 37 was given as a form of reassurance. I first received this, I didn't understand this horrors pending, even these thoughtless of sins, but come is the fullness of time of Daniel's Final Week, though first with the West's end, all to explain witnessing Jesus' Millennium follow Obama's, as a time done lapsed prophecy now fulfilled, beware, Apb, got him, got Jesus yet? Now see this, www.thephoenix1012.blogspot.com and this, www.thelightofbeowulf2017.b...


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