Urusalem City Of Peace, Get Ye To Jesus

 -And I Heard In My Hearing, "Somebody need to tell them, somebody need to warn them (mass assembly), to get to pastors, preachers, messages and Alters of Jesus' Christ, for a time of darkness (Anti-christ) is come, Holy Spirit, 1998

Overflow, Breakthrough, Outpour, Better Things

     -I have church songs since I'm awake burning in my ears, only with renewed interest concerning the awefulness and magnificent end of all things. Like, when I hear, I need a break through, all I can see is Jesus, in the form of a gigantic, diamond carved, crystal Dove, breaking through the clouds after the awaiting Righteous Bride.
     -As so is the call for an overflow, I see a divine welcome into celebrition that reaches far before the tallest mountain top. Right into the stars of heaven, equally an appreciation of this royal priesthood more vast than all great oceans poured into one. Thus the cry, this mean war, break every chain, along this marching to battle, and all victory songs and beyond.
    - Once standing on mountain tops with them, this astronomical arrival. I see the Archangel Michael and the innumerable armies of heaven as they too stand with Jesus the mount of Olives. It's cleaving apart like a Red Sea along this great valley unforeseen of again delivering not only His people Israel.
     -Though all nations now in the damning clutches of Gog and Magog, this final battle, and Jesus destroying them with the brightness (the explosiveness) of His Coming. As so here lately, with the churches motto this year, of better things in 2017. Being sincere, what has come upon Western Civilization, including especially their Churches are the worse times ever, or ever again.
     -Even the cry 2004, how America, Britain were to be separated into itty, bitty pieces, even a command that Canada be wiped off the map. Truthfully, it seems, all these ill-gotten treasures, into mighty blood shed and now the damn reaping is mightily upon them, this ceaseless itself to relent.
   Let's just say you as well as I know it's not gonna happen, these proposed better things in 2017. Actually, Obama was man's last opportunity, only united they turn his administration into greater abominations. Even of those darkest times Jesus admonished we flee from, right out of the legalization of a samesex marriage. Just this transgender battle of nothing less than baptizing the nation, the world into Anti-christ.
     Clearly, not unless you're a member of the Church Bride, born again and consecrated to Christ Jesus. This Holy Anointed whose period of outreach, these 2000 years, not counting the early prophets is at the prophetic finishing line. Remarkable, as phenomenal as all this has manifested, hallelujah!
    -it has reached a divine finale, that will cause it's Resurrection to heaven 2017, that's September 2017, to be more exact, see https://youtu.be/xn _l2yS6H2o. I guess you can say,  I got Jesus' Millennium Reign on the spirit, the brain, the heart. Truly, let even the breeze upon the trees, through the  mountains and upon the seas praise His Holy Name, as He alone is worthy, beware, Apb, The RAM, see more here

Lord Urusalem, City Of Peace

     "My god," as to see a bright, beyond description celebration, a form of divine Jubilee unto an unrealizable gathering, of an unrealizable host of heaven. "What is happening? The day of your original heritage, you’re to be welcome back to it and them for eternity. Just imagine Maaseiah, if those heinous trials of yours are then magnified gloriously by heaven a million times their insufferable weight, what measure could it then mete? It would Lord be measure-less, the reward would then my Lord be boundless, incalculable. Then my beloved, welcome to the illimitable, from this day forward, you will not only be known as my bride. Nor as the Lamb’s wife but you will go forward unto Him, unto Him Maaseiah as He will dub thee for all the ancients yet to come. Even as that City that is to sit for all eternity upon that hill, Urusalim, (Jerusalem, City of peace), go and remember I’m with you always, even unto the end of the earth. Awake, be aware as God Himself, Apb The RAM, see here, www.lordurusalem.blogspot.com


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