All This Evil Is Come, Repent Now!

Voice, ,"yours is a nuclear fate," 2016, say peace and safety, then sudden destruction.

When Michael Clark Duncan, The Fat Man Sings Armageddon,

     -Keep your knees repentant, head up, eyes open, ears, stores stocked, regardless of these efforts. Remember what we gain from Bush's war on the axis of evil, a Hussein Obama Whitehouse, ending 07/15.
     -Then as soon as Brit's Cameron send troops into Syria, 07/15, targeting ISIS leaders, here come Putin allying Syria's Assad. Prophecally, (Rev. 11:1, 2), Islam still has a 42 months reign pending. Then still, the worse despot ever to happen, Rev. 13, 2008, the little horn, for the next 42  months.
     -Still meaning, any attempt to prevent will seemingly bounce right off of them. Such is the forewarning Jeremiah 37:8, this relentless enemy, yet pending, given 1998. Indefinitely, take it as a literal lesson, little Satan, big Satan, alike, fall has come.
     -Just as I saw Hussein Whitehouse coming years prior, I see nothing now but indescribable horrors US soil. Horridly still, that's right into Jesus' Millennium Reign, Armagedon naturally, militarily and prophetically Western Soil/oil/blood is come.
     -I got a word, 02/04/2017, and I quote, "six more weeks," and then just a day past, 02/08/ a voice, "the beginning of March," this six week timetable fulfilled. So much is pending US soil, 2017, including the church  age finale.
     -Meaning, like the lost of God's Glory, the Temple, Jerusalm, Eze. 1, the lost of the Righteous, Bride, I Cor. 25, the dispensation of Grace, this world, even of outreaching Christ, happening right now.
     -The end to apostasy posing as the freeworld church of mass assembly, even Mystery Babylon, as America, peace on earth without Jesus' Reigning, that tens of millions are threaten, get Jesus, get yours and get out! Apb, see more here,


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