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The Cry Yours Is A Nuclear Fate, With 50 Million Dead

And I heard avoice in my hearing, "50 million will die," 2002
And I heard a voice in my hearing "the Anti-christ will kill millions as millions go broke," 2005
And I heard in my hearing,  "50 million will die," 2017

     Jesus said unbelievers are condemn already, this goes double in these evil days. To fear, moreso the one capable of destroying both soul and body in hell, so unrepentance is man, even Presidents, greatest enemy.

The Asian Invasion, West Worthy 1998

     There is much concern about China's threat, where a war US soil could place millions of souls in danger. Below is how I commented to, two separate responses.

1. That We Go over and blow them up!

  Apb, sincerely, that's not prophetic, meaning God's Will for America, for Western rule will go more so like what is prophesied, Jeremiah 37:8, 1998, and Rev. 17:16-18,  and Rev. 18, beware, Apb

2. Will China rule America by 2030?

Apb, And I heard In My Hearing, "yours is a nuclea…

Urusalem City Of Peace, Get Ye To Jesus

-And I Heard In My Hearing, "Somebody need to tell them, somebody need to warn them (mass assembly), to get to pastors, preachers, messages and Alters of Jesus' Christ, for a time of darkness (Anti-christ) is come, Holy Spirit, 1998
Overflow, Breakthrough, Outpour, Better Things
     -I have church songs since I'm awake burning in my ears, only with renewed interest concerning the awefulness and magnificent end of all things. Like, when I hear, I need a break through, all I can see is Jesus, in the form of a gigantic, diamond carved, crystal Dove, breaking through the clouds after the awaiting Righteous Bride.      -As so is the call for an overflow, I see a divine welcome into celebrition that reaches far before the tallest mountain top. Right into the stars of heaven, equally an appreciation of this royal priesthood more vast than all great oceans poured into one. Thus the cry, this mean war, break every chain, along this march…

Rise Take Much Flesh, Many Must Suffer

Voice, "A catastrophe on the earth," see Super Volcanoes, see the fall of Mystery America,

A Triple Threat, A Census Taken, As So The Bride, Taken,

    -This is why I call them Holocaust makers, you don't have anything,  anything, that haven't made someone else bled. The 11 o"clock shopping lunch hour, given as Bush wars encouraged Americans to go shopping,.
     Horridly all while their military loved ones are being slaughtered, (see as well, publicized transgender restrooms) is a parody of this abominable evil, see Jesus to repent. Western Civilization has been a great sore into an unthinkable sorrow upon this earth and mankind.
     Prophecally since before the Prophet Daniel saw it as an enormous beast, with iron teeth, commanded to rise up and eat much flesh. This unthinkable manslaughterer included seeing to Christ, crucifixion.
      -Of course from then on the persecution of the chur…

Just This Out Break Of Mortuary, Trump White House Fall On Us, Hide Us

Just This Out Break Of Mortuary
Hark a voice, "Kill all parents by, I pause here as I don't remember clearly the date, 2015 is past, we're in 09/21 of 2016, with something in the form of an ELE US soil, by Oct. 2017, this way coming, (we can only assume the target here is corrupt parents, (Popes, Presidents, Politicians, pastors, preachers, projects and again parents, influencing their evil ways upon their offspring threatening for generations to come, alike abominations, children obey your parents, (overseers), "IN THE LORD)." Brexit, Hillexit, Truexit, ESCAPE! Come Is The Synchronization Of Israel -Everyone keep bragging about a president like Trump, when bible prophecy won't even acknowledge he exist, only to make this detour around him, into the last week of Daniel. The only reason why Netanyahu has any value, is because the last week of Daniel involves him coming to such a turn with his Palestinian to Islamic, (see…

Raise Your Hand,

-Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

     God Has Turn His Back 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and seventy-six,02/11, of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

     -So you Tatum telling me you knew this all the time? Assisting him with paper towels as he splash water on his face this third time, this rest room where he'd fled the table this sick at the reality, any peace and safety at this point not in Christ, is a subterfuge, this curse. "Every since I read Jackson how Holy Lords are to bring strong delusions upon all those who don't take His Truth nor His will at His Living Word. My Christ Tate, please raise your hand if you didn't know America, Western abominable influence would be destroyed one day?
     -Raise …

All This Evil Is Come, Repent Now!

Voice, ,"yours is a nuclear fate," 2016, say peace and safety, then sudden destruction.

When Michael Clark Duncan, The Fat Man Sings Armageddon,

     -Keep your knees repentant, head up, eyes open, ears, stores stocked, regardless of these efforts. Remember what we gain from Bush's war on the axis of evil, a Hussein Obama Whitehouse, ending 07/15.
     -Then as soon as Brit's Cameron send troops into Syria, 07/15, targeting ISIS leaders, here come Putin allying Syria's Assad. Prophecally, (Rev. 11:1, 2), Islam still has a 42 months reign pending. Then still, the worse despot ever to happen, Rev. 13, 2008, the little horn, for the next 42  months.
     -Still meaning, any attempt to prevent will seemingly bounce right off of them. Such is the forewarning Jeremiah 37:8, this relentless enemy, yet pending, given 1998. Indefinitely, take it as a literal lesson, little Satan, big Satan, alike, fall has come.
     -Just as I saw Hussein …

99; Bowls Of Molten Lava

-"99 bowls of molten lava," 2016 -Seen to be made to seei the setting of gas containers into a circle all around, this ring of fire, 2016
     -Yellowstone Super Volcano, The Earth Just Open To A Massive Bringer Of Death
     -Article, And two thirds of the country would immediately become uninhabitable, Article... Which would be a fulfillment of the ELE staged cataclysmic events, prophesied 1996, even this weigh station, 2001. Once happening 2017, and so swiftly, entirely, that a  pale horse type judgement followed, into greater horrors. Right into an eventual Islamic, to Anti-christ rule, into seven years, all overthrown by Jesus' nearing millennium . Just found this article, though such belightness into now didn't stop me from spending the better part of this day knowing such the mammoth disaster…