99; Bowls Of Molten Lava

-"99 bowls of molten lava," 2016
-Seen to be made to seei the setting of gas containers into a circle all around, this ring of fire, 2016

     -Yellowstone Super Volcano, The Earth Just Open To A Massive Bringer Of Death http://beforeitsnews.com/self-sufficiency/2017/02/breaking-news-yellowstone-volcano-eruption-2017-shocking-new-video-shows-what-is-really-going-on-at-yellowstone-2515870.html

     -Article, And two thirds of the country would immediately become uninhabitable, Article... Which would be a fulfillment of the ELE staged cataclysmic events, prophesied 1996, even this weigh station, 2001. Once happening 2017, and so swiftly, entirely, that a  pale horse type judgement followed, into greater horrors. Right into an eventual Islamic, to Anti-christ rule, into seven years, all overthrown by Jesus' nearing millennium
. Just found this article, though such belightness into now didn't stop me from spending the better part of this day knowing such the mammoth disaster is come and herein this constant warning. That's how the US need to be evacuated all together, possibly since 2012, and don't act as though it's the first you've heard me say it.
     -That I'm so serious, not only did I call on a cancellation of the US 2016 election, into repentant alters, but how Trump's is nothing more than a Truexit, escape, escape, escape. I just before commenting here asked a question, why doing the rapture, per the artificial lending, were those left behind, left atop high rise buildings? A Trump legacy, perhaps. I keep saying it, there's One Trump of Salvation, the day of twilight, Jesus, as Conqueror, sat His feet again the mount of Olives, beware! Apb, 


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