Rise Take Much Flesh, Many Must Suffer

Voice, "A catastrophe on the earth," see Super Volcanoes, see the fall of Mystery America, www.layasiege2016.blogspit.com

A Triple Threat, A Census Taken, As So The Bride, Taken, www.thefourthofthegodhead15.blogspot.com

    -This is why I call them Holocaust makers, you don't have anything,  anything, that haven't made someone else bled. The 11 o"clock shopping lunch hour, given as Bush wars encouraged Americans to go shopping,.
     Horridly all while their military loved ones are being slaughtered, (see as well, publicized transgender restrooms) is a parody of this abominable evil, see Jesus to repent. Western Civilization has been a great sore into an unthinkable sorrow upon this earth and mankind.
     Prophecally since before the Prophet Daniel saw it as an enormous beast, with iron teeth, commanded to rise up and eat much flesh. This unthinkable manslaughterer included seeing to Christ, crucifixion.
      -Of course from then on the persecution of the church, Tribulation Saints, these thousands of years. When Jesus said knowledge would increase, lest you forget. Well He was yet describing the forbidden tree, even fruit that deceived the first Adam.
     -Right along a curse of death and damnation, for which Jesus, the last Adam say, he that believeth not is condemned already. The very beast Apostle John saw punished as the great whore of religion, that seizes and rule all assembled people.        -The emphasis here is on all assembled people, of all faith, right now, as usual beginning at God's; sanctuary. Now all having a mighty, carnivorous beast stomping, chomping.
     A vicious reaping now tearing right through them to complete desolations. Get instead to alters of Christ, Jesus, the only name given under Heaven, the only sacrifice acceptable to the of God of all gods, Elohim, beware, The Awakening, Apb, The RAM, see here, www.dove2013.blogspot.com www.escapeherenton16.blogspot.com


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