The Cry Yours Is A Nuclear Fate, With 50 Million Dead

And I heard avoice in my hearing, "50 million will die," 2002
And I heard a voice in my hearing "the Anti-christ will kill millions as millions go broke," 2005
And I heard in my hearing,  "50 million will die," 2017

     Jesus said unbelievers are condemn already, this goes double in these evil days. To fear, moreso the one capable of destroying both soul and body in hell, so unrepentance is man, even Presidents, greatest enemy.

The Asian Invasion, West Worthy 1998

     There is much concern about China's threat, where a war US soil could place millions of souls in danger. Below is how I commented to, two separate responses.

1. That We Go over and blow them up!

  Apb, sincerely, that's not prophetic, meaning God's Will for America, for Western rule will go more so like what is prophesied, Jeremiah 37:8, 1998, and Rev. 17:16-18,  and Rev. 18, beware, Apb

2. Will China rule America by 2030?

Apb, And I heard In My Hearing, "yours is a nuclear fate,"

     -And They Will Know I Am God, Every Knee Shall bow, and every tongue shall confess

     -Well, my question has been, what's to happen first, an Asian Invasion, prophesied since, 1998, or the eruption of a supervolcano, the caliber of Yellowstone, prophesied three years earlier, 1995? Even see the 6th seal, Rev. 6
     -In the Intrepid Dream prophecy 2001-2017, what or whoever the new, white, trimmed in gold Intrepid auto is to represent was taken out of the way just as cataclysms and a sudden lost of 190 years, happen, by Oct. 2017. See,

     -Beware, Apb, The RAM, also see Rev. 17:16-18, this is where I believe world nations are concerning Mystery America, the West, why I deem Trump's no more than a short lived Truexit, beware! See here,


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