Cancel 2016 Elections, Repent, Escape!

Righteously Dividing The Enemy

     -Like Watching Noah's Earth/Flood, ( a voice, "Mark 17 and 7,"), And There was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, 96 AD, my prayer closet, 1993 AD, (my people are being stripped of everything Jesus Christ, Apb).

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     -What did I see? I saw the Righteous Bride now reigning in heaven doing great tribulation, I saw that she had in her possession the stone cut out without hands. I saw that it had the surface of a meteor, I further saw that when she released it, I heard a voice lament, and I quote, "this is the anti-Christ (NWO), murderer," 02/14/2015 (now, right now, come out of prediction, see Dan. 2:3-49, see Angel Gabriel 2004), Apb


     -Actually the American people need to do that themselves, boycott the government, its political system and call off the 2016 election. Turn it into a day of prayer and reconciliation __wait, wait, so you're saying that? No, Maaseiah is saying that and with Holy Spirits 2008, having her sit as a world leader among world leaders give her this right, she say it won't stop the disintegration of America happening right now. That the super waves, explosive volcanoes, earthquakes at their worse, EMP's, NEO's, Nuclear wars are all back to back threats she witness happen on American soil. Meaning, whatever plans were made to evacuate this nation when the worse happen, that all leaders my brothers in Christ, of every aspect need to forego those plans and right now! I mean to be totally honest, teaching as well by parables, that's what Maaseiah's creating a fictional Noah's earth/flood/ark type escape, to a fictional New Africa. All of which you guys was portrayed by that 2012 movie, was forewarning these last thirty years, this beyond urgency to get out of the way of plenteous forms of cataclysms. That's Sioux until Col. Qaddafi's attempt at making it all a reality as well, by 2017-2024, made it so possibly real, even Obama's reign, as an African born male according to Maaseiah's work, ruled the world at the time. You know that's 17 and 7 all over again, there's no way Col Qaddafi couls have known that, meaning of Maaseih's prophecies, 2017 could be the rapture, 2024, Christ return with the Bride, ah my God, our God Medicine, O my God is Christ, see, that's what I'm telling you all.  Yeah a New Africa realized until western leaders, especially Hillary Clinton and those in bed with them, snuffed it all out, him too, if you ask me, yeah again saving the American Dream so enormously failed by them. But call off the election Sioux, how crazy is that? Everything Maaseiah see happens, happens, now she's seeing a boiling like in a pot great northern. All over this country, these thirty years she's been seeing something similar, nothing left, no place here, nor around us to run too, but off this continent, even this purposeful rapture, just how long you guys will we ignore it? You all have heard her say God haven't been this angry, this wrathful at forgoing His Sentence Judgments since Noah's earth and now beyond that. Only a nation wide alter of repentance and further plans to escape is going to save millions now in the way of a mighty God, pouring out His Righteous Wrath. So we should be doing everything we would be doing if the country was under a nation wide state of emergency, master disaster. Even an ELE, and as far as America is concern unto this point of no return and hundreds of millions evacuated for that reason. Maaseiah is having those dreams again, about malls being shaped into fallout, bomb shelters, of people living in them, this was just before those mall goers got struck, even in their cars overnight by flood waters wiping out a bridge. Right now as we speak, as we travel to America, to one of our own, gone under attack rescue, Russian leaders are declaring us clueless, Americans, or severely misinformed, or conspired against by it's own mistrusting government, lest we forget you guys we are native american. Even that we're upon Nuclear wars upon Us soil, and are as oblivious as Noahians for not knowing it has all come to this. Remember what Maaseiah said she saw, upon another rapturous demonstration, how as we rose up? Yeh, yeh, ah nuclear bombs plummeted toward the earth, Russia and Asia, are threatening such the like right now, right now. That's right at the prophetic timetable of something so cataclysmic as to set this nation back hundreds of years, where millions suddenly will be killed.  I'm sorry she saw this as we ascended into the heavens, yes, Beowulf, as specialty saints arrived there, and momentarily stayed there, watching these unthinkable horrors happen to millions in America and around the world. There's been warnings and alarms all over for decades now and again millions in danger because of their refusal to react, repent, to escape. So imagine how many lives, even souls could be moved out of the way just by simply repenting along a much needed escape, (see Rom. 10:9, 10), this slow motion exodus Maaseiah been seeing, forewarning, for years, months and weeks into this very day, awake, be as aware, as God Himself, Apb, The RAM, see more here,,,


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